Yaman Coskun is the founder of Yamanair Creative Worldwide, an anti-ad agency in Washington D.C. with a new business development service called Cash by Creative serving over 100 markets. Contact him at

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  1. Dear Yaman,
    I was very much inspired by your interview with Radio Ink. I am an owner of a small AM station in Gastonia, NC. It is in a very large market but the station was neglected for years. I have had it for 5 years now and it is progressing nicely. I feel that to take the next step forward I need more creativity. Problem is I am on a tight budget and was wondering if you work with stations like me? I currently have a client in real estate to which I have writers block. I want to come up with something special but it’s not coming! I believe you are right in your approach to advertising, I just have to learn to become that unadvertiser and get out of that cookie mold! Help!

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